The NGRF Final Event, hosted by Good Fuels in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 2 October 2022, was successfully executed with 30 attendees in person and more than 50 online, from all around Europe and the world.

The event provided a stage for all the project partners to present the most important findings and results from the last four years’ worth of research.  

The full event can be rewatched here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The full presentation is available here.

A summary of the event running order is as follows:

Topic Affiliation Presenter
Event opening and project overview   AAU L. Rosendahl
Improving the HTL-value chain from the start: Pre-treatment & wastewater management.   AAU, CENER, KIT   I. AlegrÍa, J. Zimmermann  
HTL as core technology for urban waste valorisation
– solution for problematic micro plastics.
AAU, CENER, KIT   T. Helmer
Turning challenging waste-derived biocrude into fuels
– Biocrude upgrading
– Engine testing results
CERTH, TUM STEEPER, AAU E. Heracleous, K. Rodriguez, K. Kohansal
Related projects:
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Advancing HTL Technologies  
Aalborg University – Low Carb Fuels Project: Continuous Hydroprocessing of Nitrogen-rich Biocrudes: Challenges and Achievements.  
University of Amsterdam – Chemical recycling of waste plastics by HTL
PNNL     AAU       UVA H. Wang,     S. Haider,     S. Raveendran
Market scenarios and commercialization pathway.   Minimum selling price.
Financial Model – Results & Recommendations. Environmental Impact (LCA).
GoodFuels Steeper SINTEF Steeper CENER F. Ferrari, Ling Li, G. Alamo Serrano, A. Grenon, E. Medina Martos
Panel discussion –
The future of HTL produced biofuels.

Thomas Helmer, Aalborg University 

Lasse Rosendahl, Aalborg University 
Steen Iversen, Steeper
Jostein Gabrielsen, TOPSOE 
Daniele Bianchi, ENI
Johannes Schürmann, Good Fuels
Joey van Elswijk, Port of Amsterdam