• Potential for direct replacement of 12% fossil fuels in the EU transport sector
  • Production of HTL derived gasoline and diesel fuels cost-competitive with current crude oil prices
  • Potential of more than 1 Billion Euro per year of direct revenues of biofuels from urban resources
  • Enhanced the competitiveness of sector-related industries
  • Efficient urban resource management and valorisation


  • Valorisation of widely available wastes avoiding their landfilling or incineration.
  • Potential of more than 100 M ton of low-grade degradable feedstock converted into advanced biofuels
  • Enhanced circular economy and recycling of nutrients
  • Improvement of the overall energy efficiency of biofuel production up to more than 70%
  • Potential greenhouse gas emission reduction by 75M tons CO2-eq/year by replacing fossil fuel, thus contributing to the achievements of the European objectives in terms of GHG emissions’ reduction


  • Potential of creating up to 50,000 direct and 300,000 indirect urban job opportunities for the development, engineering, fabrication, installation and operation of HTL plants
  • Increasing energy security in Europe by reducing crude oil imports
  • knowledge creation for the scientific community, policy actors, industry and citizens


  • Leadership in research development and production of renewable fuels
  • Leadership in urban resource management valorisation
  • Global opportunities for technology export and licensing for innovative European industries and SMEs