Research on biofuels has a prominent role in the future sustainability goals of the European Union. To date, a large number of EU-funded research projects on biofuels are taking place, covering different feedstocks, processes and technological approaches.

For these reasons, a two-day workshop was organized last 23-24 May 2019 by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) of the European Commission.

Representatives from 22 Horizon 2020 (RIA and IA) projects gathered at INEA’s premises in Brussels, with the ambitious goal to establish synergies and agree on common actions to boost biofuels from research to actual industrial applications. Despite their differences, biofuels research projects share significant common aspects, leaving great margins for collaboration.

Organizing a joint workshop on hydrotreating technologies, implementing a benchmark for techno-economic analyses and involving refinery operators are some of the actions that were agreed, which can embrace a large number of projects at the same time.

Actions supported by a number of H2020 projects, including well-recognized scientific and industrial partners, may have a large and concrete impact on worldwide biofuel research & development.

The workshop was also a good occasion to discuss the opportunities offered by funding and investing schemes from EU, as well as the impact of the new EU regulations on renewable energies.

A team from Aalborg University was present as well on behalf of NextGenRoadFuels project.