This event will present innovations and solutions in the development of Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) as an efficient route to produce high-volume, cost-competitive, drop-in synthetic gasoline and diesel fuels, as a result of the four-year Horizon 2020 research project Next Generation Road Fuels.  

Join us online or in-person to learn about HTL processing, and how combined with appropriate pre- and post-treatment it can be the most effective technology pathway to valorize the combination of sewage sludge, food waste and construction wood waste and to convert the carbon content of these feedstock into drop-in fuels, as well as being a real solution to the management of these tricky waste streams.

Event topics will cover:

  • Innovative insights into the waste management the benefits of the pre-treatment process. Including destruction of micro-plastics. from a waste management perspective.
  • Optimization of biocrude upgrading and the outcomes of biofuel usage in engines.
  • Economic, environmental and social assessments.
  • The future of this technology including business cases and discussions.

The event will be rounded off with a panel discussion including panellists from research and commercial backgrounds, followed by a networking session.

The full agenda can be found here.

Speakers include all partners from the project – Aalborg University, CENER, KIT, CERTH, STEEPER, TUM, SINTEF – as well as international representatives from related projects.

This event will be held on Tuesday 4th October at 13:30 – 18:00 CEST, at ADAM’s ID, Amsterdam, and Online

To register as an attendee, in person or online, please register here: