The conversion of sewage and urban waste through hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) untaps a vast renewable resource for the production of renewable transport fuels. The HTL biocrude requires however further upgrading to remove or recover minerals, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulphur, to produce fully finished in-spec transportation fuels. In the Horizon2020 Next Generation Road Fuels project, we are developing a novel modular upgrading concept that allows combination of electrocatalytic and thermal catalytic upgrading of HTL oil, offering flexibility on adapting and scaling the overall process scheme and permitting an autarkic operation providing all hydrogen needed in isolated sites. Join us for this webinar to learn how we upgraded sewage sludge HTL bio-crude to high quality fuels through innovative hydrotreating technology.

If you missed the live session a recording can be watched here:

Presented by:
Katerine Rodríguez, Steeper Energy (Canada)
Elli Heracleous, CERTH (Greece)
Andreas Jenty, Technical University of Munich (Germany)