On 26 November 2019, a workshop targeted to policy makers on the H2020 JETSCREEN project was organized at the Press Club Brussels Europe.

Started on June 2017, JETSCREEN (‘Jet fuel screening and optimization’) developed a screening and optimization platform for alternative fuels. The platform integrates distributed design tools and generic experiments able to assess the risks and benefits of alternative fuels. Among its goals, the platform contributed to optimize alternative fuels for a maximum energy per kilogram of fuel and a reduction of pollutants’ emissions.

The workshop addressed several viable strategies for getting the maximum number of benefits from alternative fuels, which are of interest also for NextGenRoadFuels project.

Prof. Lasse Rosendahl (project coordinator of NextGenRoadFuels), intervened at Session 2 on ‘Promising fuel production pathways and how screening tools can support their development and approval’, by delivering a presentation on ‘Hydrothermal liquefaction: Sustainable fuel from wastes, residues and advanced energy crops’.

The JETSCREEN workshop was a very good event, with very good and relevant presentation on new developments within ASTM certification of sustainable aviation fuels, fuel production technologies and the impact from aviation fuel emissions on global warming” Prof. Lasse Rosendahl commented.

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